Pure One Forbidden Fruit 1g

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Pure One Forbidden Fruit 1g

A descendant of Tangie and Cherry Pie, Forbidden Fruit is a strain that is both named after sweets and is sweet in flavor. The origins of this indica-leaning strain are difficult to pin down, but the original Forbidden Fruit was reportedly bred by a Santa Clara, California-based breeder from Chameleon Extracts. In this particular story, the breeder is said to have crossed a Tangie from Crockett Family Farms with Cherry Pie pollen from breeder Jigga, the creator of famous strains such as GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) and Gelato.

5 reviews for Pure One Forbidden Fruit 1g

  1. Hency

    Grabbed this a few times from HGC Vista… supposedly grow by the Cookies Fam… definitely some of the best sun grown I’ve seen in a while.

  2. Xavier

    I got this strain from PALS Collective in Bishop, Ca. and let me tell you… never have I had such a tasty strain. Some may call it cherry or fruity, but it’s 100% Grapefruit.

  3. Diren

    Forbidden Fruit is definitely one of the most unique cannabis strains on the planet. Strain that can be so pungent and uniquely so, that people either love it or hate it from what I’ve seen.

  4. Caline

    Strong indica for sure with amazing fruity scents. Feels like you’ve been covered in a nice blanket and can calmly relax and fall asleep.

  5. Dennis

    Dont smoke this if you have something to do. Tastes fruity and smells very fruity. Fluffy and breaks apart easily but slightly sticky.

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