Pure One Do-Si-Dos 1g

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  • Euphoric

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Pure One Do-Si-Dos 1g

Pure One Do-Si-Dos 1g is a hybrid of OG Kush Breath — a phenotype of GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) — and Face Off OG from Oregon’s Archive Seed Bank.

The seed bank is working on an F2 line of Do-Si-Dos phenotypes — Do-Si-Dos #9, #18, and #22; as well as the unreleased #4 and #13 — all of which reportedly grow tall and deliver average-sized yields in a 70-day flowering time. The entire F2 line also shows hermaphroditic tendencies inherited from the OGKB parent in approximately 5% of the population, according to the seed bank.

Of the three released phenotypes, #9 is described as the most potent, dense and resinous — producing heavy amounts of dry sift — as well as a strong, cookies-and-kush aroma and flavor.

Meanwhile, #18 exhibits thick, prominent resin glands and a strong OG Kush aroma, while #22 is a purple, aromatic, grape-flavored phenotype recommended for making ice hash.

3 reviews for Pure One Do-Si-Dos 1g

  1. Sandra

    Picked this up at Show Grow Ramona ! Worth the Visit, they consistently supply High Quality California Bay Area strains.

  2. Rash

    Oh my sweet Dosi! If I could keep one strain in my medicine cabinet, this would be it.

  3. Timothy

    Top shelf. Super fast, euphoric high. Amazing flavor. Very smooth. After a few dabs, I stared at the wall for 20 mins with complete glee.

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