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Pure Vape is based out of Los Angeles and is an established and fully licensed cannabis company in California. Founded in 2007, our core values are simple: provide the highest quality and consistency through a brand you can rely on. Using only our proprietary triple distilled oil, Pure Vape products are organic, unadulterated, and 100% solvent free. Vigorous testing assures that all authentic products are pesticide free and meet BCC standards, so you can experience the flower’s full spectrum flavor profile worry free. All Pure Vape products are free from additives (including vitamin E acetate), glycerin or glycols. 

With a diverse selection of strains and products, Pure Vape will satisfy all of your 710 needs. All Pure Vape products are rigorously tested to deliver high potency with delicious cannabis-derived flavors. kingpen

Pure One Vape products are 100% organic, solvent free cannabis concentrates — from the distillate to the cartridges, each product is double lab tested. Testing begins with the starting material to ensure the flowers used to craft the concentrates are the clean and potent. Never compromising quality, all triple-distilled concentrates are uncut and free from glycerin or glycols. Buy Weed Uk

Pure Vape products include: THC disposable vaporizers, THC: CBD disposable vaporizers, THC PureOne .5 and 1g cartridges, edible grade THC syringes, custom batteries in an array of colors, and Wally Drops THC and CBD lozenges. 

Lab Testing

Pure Vape is committed to maintaining the highest level of consistency and purity. Every batch produced is tested by Landau Labs before and after extraction. ganja France

Pure Vape was established in Southern California in 2014. The founders came together to craft 100% organic and solvent-free cannabis extracts. Since the launch of the brand, Pure one carts has taken SoCal by storm. The cannabis community initially took to Pure Vape’s sleek design and potent cartridges, and the added transparency of lab tested products solidified the trust among oil enthusiasts. In 2016, Pure Vape was awarded the HempCon Cup for “Best New Product” and “Best Cartridge” at HempCon and has been the California standard since. Today, the Pure Vape team strives to provide the cannabis community with the best, award-winning concentrates on the market.

State License

  • Distributor C11-0000320-LIC

We carry an array of stylish vape products that cater to the socially conscious cannabis user looking for wellness and a true cannabis taste. Our products are available in THC, CBD, and hybrid ratios of THC to CBD. Our products are Prop 215 compliant and can be found in many licensed dispensaries across Southern California.

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